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Our Approach

From the very start, we invest the time to understand our client companies, their values, their philosophies and their needs.  We get to know the organization, the culture, the strategies, the challenges and the key management personnel.

 For each specific assignment, we:

  • Define objectives, quantitative and qualitative requirements for the position

  • Obtain job description/position outline

  • Define compensation package parameters

  • Identify, interview and assess prospective candidates

  • Select most suitable candidates

  • Prepare background profiles and reference checks, as required

  • Review candidate profiles with the client and prepare interview schedule

  • Manage the interface between the client and the candidate(s) throughout the interview/assessment process

  • Facilitate negotiations between the client and the candidate during the offer stage


Individuals who possess extensive information systems working experience and effective interviewing skills perform the screening of candidates.

All qualified candidates are interviewed in person, at which time a work history profile is created and a detailed skills assessment is conducted against the client’s requirements.  Some clients provide technical assessment questionnaires that we administer on their behalf to assist in the candidate selection process.

Our experience has shown that the high calibre individual brings more than just technical skills.  They bring an approach and attitude to their job that makes them stand out from the rest.  

We incorporate a qualitative assessment into the selection process to verify "cultural fit".  Our assessment looks at: 

  • Values and behaviours -corporate cultures in which the candidate has experienced the most success, either past or present, and how their personal values have contributed to this.

  • Structure - in what types of corporate structure is the individual most successful.

  • Operating style -determination of the leadership/management style that the candidate prefers in a boss and personally exhibits.

  • Risk orientation - the level of risk the individual handles best.

  • Rewards and recognition factors desired in a career change.

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